Moving to Saudi

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Moving to Saudi has to be one of the most nerve wracking events of my life.  Not only is it and ENTIRELY different culture, but you don't realize things you'd miss or want until you get here.
In an effort to help the families that are heading this way, I thought I would keep an running page of things you may want to consider bringing/shipping with you.  
I am basing this primarily for those who will be living in Yanbu.  I can't comment at all on what you can find in Riyadh.  And as far as Jeddah is concerned, well...they have just about everything of course, but it's not like you can just make a quick trip there.  (but boy do I wish I could!!)  
Shipping ANYTHING here from anywhere (not just the states) is wicked expensive.  Trust me, I know first hand.  So, plan carefully what you are going to bring!

My first bit of advice:
DO NOT HESITATE to pay for extra baggage on the plane.  I wish wish wish wish I would have brought more bags with me.  That extra $100 is worth every penny.  (considering you're getting 50lbs of stuff that would cost a mint if you shipped it later...I shipped a box weighing a meager 6lbs and it cost me $50.)
Inside the bags you check on the plane is where you want to pack the things you want most.  Think...fave foods, holiday decor, photos, dvd's, etc.  Everyone here has managed to get everything in without hassle.  I haven't met anyone yet who's had something removed from their luggage.
That being are some items (by room) that you may want to consider packing.  These are things that you can't find here (again, in Yanbu...Jeddah has nearly everything).  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or, if you're already living here and you want me to add something, let me know!  :)
You can email me at:

Kitchen (THE most important room as far as I'm concerned)  :D
crock pot
turkey baster
sharp knives (seriously, I ordered some from Amazon and shipped them over in my moving boxes)
special seasonings (...if you have some faves you use, pack 'em!)
vanilla extract (it's not allowed here because of the alcohol.  you can find some in the States that says "no alcohol" in it)
Holiday cookie cutters

memory foam pad (or something similar...mattress' here tend to be pretty firm)
high quality sheets (if you're used to them)
(these you can probably find here...just depends on how often they are in stock)

SUNSCREEN!!!!!!  (they have precious little here and its very pricey)
Tampons (you CANNOT buy them here...anywhere.)

bring a couple of nice outfits...there are fun parties and get together's where you might want to dress up a bit (yes, you can find fancy clothes here, but if you don't want to spend extra money...just bring your ol' standby's)  :)

For Kids:
tons of toys worries there.  
books (hard to find in English sometimes)

I bought the unlocked iPhone.  It works fine over here.  Cheaper to buy in the States than here.  My iPad works just fine here too.
Wii games and all those other video games are good to go here as well.
You probably don't need to bring DVD's since you can just download stuff now.  They have TV's here with USB ports.  

Holiday Stuff:
If you're one to celebrate holidays you can get by getting some things in here.  We shipped a small 3ft tree and labeled it home decor.  Don't bring any of your precious family heirlooms.  Save those for after Saudi. can find some I'm told.  I haven't yet, but maybe I'm not looking in the right places.
Decorations (ornaments, trimmings, etc)

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