Saudi Life

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Here is some info about Saudi:

Quick Facts:
No drinking, no movie theaters, no bars, no pubs.  (seriously..NO alcohol whatsoever...eek!)
Women can't drive.  (I can hire a driver or just get a taxi)
The whole country stops 6x per day for prayer.  
Their weekends are Thursday and Friday.  Friday is a holy day and very little is open in the WHOLE country until around 4 in the afternoon.
I have to wear an abaya when I am outside my home.  I do not have to cover my head or face since I am a Westerner. The girls can wear whatever they want.
Restaurants are segregated  Single Men and men without a wife with them on one side...Women and Families on the other.

Our Town: Yanbu
 (to see some images of Yanbu, just Google Earth the city, there are some cool pix)
We are on the Western side right on the Red Sea.  We will be living in a neighborhood owned by the Royal Commission   It's not a compound, just a neighborhood.  Sara and Lily will attend the International School and I may take a job there teaching during the second year.  There is a horseback riding school where the girls take lessons.  There is also a gym to for women to workout.  We have a decent size mall where one of the supermarkets is located, along with an indoor play area.  There are many parks (yes, with grass) for the kids to play and ride bikes. 

The Red Sea has some of the world's best snorkeling and scuba diving.  (which Matt will take part in, not me.  The ocean and I don't get along.)
There are also some Western beaches we can go too where I can be free to wear a regular bathing suit.  (at the Red Sea, I would need to be in my abaya...yes, women there swim in the 
abaya.  weird right?)  ;)

We are 3 1/2 hours North of the big city of Jeddah where they ave just about everything.  BestBuy, fast food joints, ToysRUs, Ikea, etc.  
You can see what some of the malls look like on this link: 

We have the internet all set up to Skype family and chat.  (along with an Ipad and Iphones)  :)  We have satellite TV and we can order/download movies to watch.  
Our home is nice, with a yard, and furnished rooms.  Best part is that it's a free house and we don't pay for utilities!  

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