You know you're in Saudi when....

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- you have to hurry and get to the store before the next prayer starts.

- camel is considered a favorite dish.

- you see a 10 year old boy driving a car  (no needs to get to the store...husband at work...the oldest boy will do!)

- there's no need for an alarm clock...the dawn prayer will wake you... without fail... each morning! (unless you leave your AC running full blast to drown out the sound...)

- the rules of driving are purely suggestive. 

- you start commenting on how pretty other ladies abaya's are. 

- your children are pretend playing and you hear them say "lets call the taxi and make sure we have our abayas!"

- parents tell their children they should stay inside for recess because it's too cold outside....when the temp is 70 degrees Fahrenheit!  (21 Celsius)      

- you have a coat hanger, that never sees a single coat.  It's for abayas!  

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