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Yesterday the moving company rep stopped by.  It was very surreal to go through my house and say what was staying and what was going...to Saudi.  Saying it over and over again still hasn't made it sink in all the way.  On the bright side...this move is forcing me to purge purge purge.  I'm a pack rat...always have been.  There are boxes in my garage that haven't been opened in the 2 years we've lived in Cali.  Now, it's time.  

There really isn't much to bring with us.  Our home there is fully furnished (hotel style, but furnished just the same).  Matt is getting a new computer and we'll be wiping and dumping the ones here.  I'm bring a lot of my kitchen stuff with me and a full array of seasonings.  (who knows what they have there)  Of course, that is Matt's first job when he gets there.  He has to scope out the grocery store and tell me what I'm going to need to bring (ya know, pantry stuff)  He's also going to give me a run down of the house so I can do some last minute bring/stay on certain items.  The most important things are the girls stuff.  We are bringing a fairly large library of books.  (if they don't have books, all is lost...seriously)  Bringing a few toys, a small pool for the backyard, and some of their other fave items.  I mean, they have ToysRUs there, so it's not like we can't get them gifts.  We just want  to make sure they have some of what they are used to as well.

Thankfully my in-laws are in town right now and as seasoned movers (Air Force) they have been giving me all kinds of advice.  And I'm very thankful because I have never made a move like this before!  My next course of action is to start separating what goes, what stays and what still needs to be sold.  Whew...these next few weeks are going to be crazy!!


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