Off to the Loire Valley

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Chateau La Noue
Our travels continued as we left Paris by TGV train and headed out to the Loire Valley.  The girls had so much fun on the train...not that they looked out the windows much, they were too busy coloring princess pictures.  :)
We arrived at the Tours train station and headed outside to catch a taxi.  We needed the taxi to take us to the Tours airport where the car rental place was located.  In my mind I pictured us walking outside to a line of waiting taxi's ready to whisk us off.
Instead, I walked outside to a line of waiting people.  There were a grand total of 4 taxi's in service.  We waited for a good half hour...not fun. 
We got to the car rental place...it was closed.  We were late and the guy had given up waiting for us.  Thank goodness for another kind French taxi driver...he called the number on the door for us and got the guy to come back.  Car loaded up, kids buckled in, iPad map up and running...time to find our home for the next nine days.
Thankfully we had good directions and we were able to get to Chateau La Noue without any issues.  But, upon arrival...once again...no one was there.  We drove around a bit, tried doors..and then finally a gentleman came walking up.  He was the owners brother.  He spoke very little English, but he was very kind.  He showed us around the part of the chateau that we'd be staying in and then offered to show us the rest.  The girls had found their room, complete with toys, and were beyond happy.  Matt and I set off with John to see the rest of the family castle.
It's a very pretty chateau that they are in the process of renovating...themselves.  It's a big project.  But, we love seeing old homes and enjoyed the tour.  John even grabbed a bottle of wine from the "wine cellar."  (bottles of wine lined up on the steps leading to the basement level)  He told us a lot about his family (in broken English and bits of French we picked up)  Finally we asked him where we could find food.
The chateau is off by itself...it's not really part of any town.  The closest town is very small and we were told there wouldn't be much there.  The next town would be bigger with a grocery store and restaurants.  But, as John informed us, it's Sunday...and well, good luck finding something open.  Instead we decided to head to Amboise.  A large town about 15-20 min away.  It is also home to Chateau Amboise...and I really wanted to see one of the chateau's that were on my list while in the Lorie Valley.  
We set off into the French countryside.  It was so beautiful.  Green fields for miles...small towns, villages, old and new homes, old churches, huge fields of golden flowers...it was just wonderful.  As we arrived in Amboise, the beautiful chateau loomed out from across the river.  We crossed the bridge to the main part of town and it was like a ghost town...everything was closed...there were hardly even any people about...we drove around and around looking for ANY restaurant that was open.  Finally we gave up and crossed back over the bridge...then I spotted a restaurant that looked to be open...we pounced.  It was a little bar that served appetizers (no main dishes) so, we ordered a bunch of different app's and a bottle of wine.  Best part was the view of the chateau across the river all lit up in the night sky.
Back home to the chateau.  Matt managed to find a place selling wine, so kiddos off to bed, and the hubby and I curled up on the couch to watch a movie.  
It had been a long day that started off leaving Paris and ended in our own little chateau.  The following day we would head out to see some of the famous chateau's of the Loire Valley!  (post to come!)

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