The Egypt adventure continues...then home to Saudi.

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Nothing will beat seeing the pyramids yesterday, but today would be interesting in its own right. 
Forgot to mention in the previous post...last night we sat on the rooftop and watched the light show that they have at the pyramids.  We could hear some of the show, but not all of it...seemed like something that would have been really neat to see and I would recommend people to look into it if they go.  The lights on the pyramids and sphinx were really cool...I had fun sipping my wine and watching from the roof.  :)  The girls watched for a bit and then got bored and went back inside to play...hubby went with them to make sure they didn't try to climb off the balcony or something... (I think he just wanted to watch the news)  ;) 
For today, we hired a tour guide (the owners brother who lives in the same building) to take us to see the museum and a few other sites.  I was skeptical at first about what exactly this guy was going to tell us...then I found out that he had worked at the Natural History Museum in New York for four years...specializing in the Egyptian section.  So, okay, don't judge a book by it's cover and all that.  
We headed to the museum first.  I wasn't sure what to expect...I had heard from others that it was pretty impressive.  We entered the grounds and right there off to the left there is this huge building...that had recently been on fire.  A fire started by the government itself...to burn the contents of what the building held (according to our guide).  I can't believe they would risk anything happening to their museum!!  Pretty surreal.  (see photos below)
We weren't allowed to take any photos inside the museum and I had to check my camera at the door.  It would have taken hours and hours to view everything inside...it really was amazing that they have discovered so many artifacts over the years.  Our guide was really good and showed us the highlights of what the museum held...it wasn't easy...the girls really weren't into it and we had to move along at a much faster pace than the grownups would have liked...ah, but what'er gonna do?  By far the coolest thing was seeing the mummies.  They were just flat out creepy!  Some still had hair!  (yes real hair) and their teeth and finger nails.  It was fascinating.  I was truly shocked by the amount of "stuff" that they found in King Tut's tomb.  If I remember right, our guide told us that they started adding things to his tomb once he was made king...and they must have...because it would have taken forever to pack all that in there!  The most impressive was seeing his golden head piece...absolutely stunning.  It's ironic though because we talk so much about King Tut and yet he did nothing as king...he's only famous because of all the goodies they found in his tomb.  
Pyramids lit up at night, blackened building next to the museum

Little side note about the Egyptian way of life...they scam you for every penny.  We were having to pay for things left and right...the tickets to get in the museum, then once inside, you had to buy more tickets to see the mummies.  At they pyramids they were waiting at every stop with all kinds of stuff to sell you...cans of soda, water, hats, jewelry, trinkets, you name it...it was a good thing we had our guide with us to tell us whether we were getting scammed or not (at least we hope he was!)  They even tried to tell me I couldn't take pictures in the tomb (the guide got furious about this and there was a whole scene) then one of the security guys came in and offered to take photos of our family...afterwards he held out his hand for a tip.  Then he got really pissed when Matt didn't tip him enough.  There were men outside the museum trying to sell us stuff too...one guy told me the wallet he could sell me would "change my life." (honest, he really said that)  Give him one for a unique tag line!
After the museum we were headed to the citadel.  Traffic in Cairo and Giza is awful...I don't think they drive as bad as the men in Saudi, but Matt said that's just because they can't go as fast...seeing as the roads have cars packed like sardines in a tin.  (not to mention the horse pulled carts and men on camels riding around town as well)  In order to get to the citadel we had to drive through Tahrir Square (yes where the riots were and no, it's not a square, but a roundabout).  I was totally worried...but, it was a Thursday, and the square was nearly empty (you can see a photo below...look for the pic with the tent in it) with just a few people still camped out.  But, we were told that the next day, Friday, after the afternoon prayer, the square would fill with people in protest.  Very thankful we were headed home that day!  I still found myself slumping down in my seat until we left the area...creepy.
The citadel was amazing...huge and grand.  There is a mosque on site and we were allowed to enter (see the photo with all the lights hanging from the ceiling) but, I have to admit that by now, at the end of our trip, I was starting to lose interest in all the history...I was starting to feel like my kids.  lol  Matt really enjoyed chatting with the guide and I tried to keep the girls occupied.  
From there we visited an old cemetery, a Jewish temple, a Greek Orthodox church, and a coptic church.  It was all very cool, but I was wiped.  We headed back to the apartment to rest for a bit before dinner.
I was really excited for dinner because we were going to take a cruise on the Nile River!  However; I have a really bad habit of getting overly excited about something before it actually happens.  We prepaid for the tickets and then once on board found that drinks weren't included...not any, not even water.  That didn't start our evening off so well.  :/  The food was okay..buffet style.  They had different dancers come out during the ride...a belly dancer and a couple of guys that would spin in circles constantly for over 20 minutes...pretty impressive, actually.  But, the best part was going upstairs to the deck and looking out over the water.  So, it wasn't the best dinner or boat, but still, I was on the Nile River.  THE Nile River.  Yeah, that was pretty damn cool.  The city looked really pretty lit up at night (if you didn't look too close).  The girls enjoyed themselves and afterwards it was back to the apartment to pack up.  Matt and I sipped some wine and watched TV while the girls slept soundly in bed.
The next morning we loaded up and drove back to the airport.  I couldn't believe our trip was over...and we were headed back to Saudi.  It had been a fabulous 16 days and not one we would soon forget.  We made it back with no problems...had a lovely 4 hour drive home (ick), and then we were back in our house.  Girls were stoked to see all their toys again. :)  
Now...when are we leaving again???  ;)
at the Citadel

around town and Tahrir Square

Citadel, Nile River, cemetery, locals and their rides

the boat on the Nile River


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