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Good lord, where do I begin???  So much has happened in the last few months that it makes my head spin trying to remember it all.
Lets start with my trip back to the States first.  I left in June and got to spend a wonderful 5 weeks back home with family.  (arriving after 3 planes and 32 hours of travel)  My husband could only stay a few days...so, the girls and I spent time at different family members homes.  Visiting, going out to dinner, getting doctor checkups, hair appointments, the works.  I indulged in mass amounts of sushi (and wine).  We celebrated my birthday and even got to see fireworks for the 4th of July.  It was so wonderful to be home and it just makes me appreciate even more just how special the good ol' USA is.
We flew back to Saudi (3 planes and 32 hours later)...but it was a short visit, just two weeks.  I was leaving for Italy next!
With the holy month of Ramadan approaching, (and the fact that almost all of my friends had jumped ship for the summer months) I knew I didn't want to stay in Saudi with the girls (especially since we don't live on a compound).  So months back I booked a lovely little house on Lake Como, Italy for 5 weeks.  Later we found out that my aunt and uncle would be in the area and we ended up meeting with them week 6 in Positano.  
I was so lucky that my mom was able to come and spend a whole month in Italy along with my step-dad...we all had so much fun together and the girls were so happy to see Grandma and Papa!
After 6 AMAZING weeks in Italy, we headed back to Saudi.  The hubby met up with us for weeks 5 & 6 and flew back with us.  
So, here we are.  Home in Saudi.  And it's been a whirlwind already!  The girls have started school and there are some other things in the works which I shall blog about in due time.  ;)
And don't worry, I plan to blog about my fabulous trip and the place we visited and of course there will be many pix (I only have 2500 photos to go through and edit)  ;)  Only picking the best for the blog of course.  
So, many posts to come...sorry for the long absence.  But we're back up and running now!  :)  Ciao!

(okay...one little sneak peak pic...this is the lovely town I stayed in for 5 weeks.  Menaggio, Italy)  :D


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