Yanbu Flower Festival 2013

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Its that time of year again.  The lovely flower festival was in Yanbu.  Just as beautiful as last year and we really had a great time.
I went first with my students as a class field trip along with the other second grade, first grade and third grade classes.  They had a blast (of course they'd have fun anywhere that wasn't in school, right?)  We went early in the morning and had the place to ourselves...for a bit.  Then a bunch of Saudi boys schools showed up, and well, we didn't stay much longer.  All the students got a flower to take home with them...talk about a bunch of grinning faces!  
Next, I went with my family.  We went in the early evening and stayed just long enough to see the lights come on.  I had promised the girls we would buy them something...little did I know it would be two more chickens!!  (we now have a grand total of 7)  These little dyed baby chicks just stole my heart.  I couldn't help it...just too cute!  
I really loved the huge flower festival sign they had out front this year.  Really cool looking.  We just had fun wandering around looking at all the booths.  We weren't hassled at all this year (though I did have a hat on)  Had a bite to eat, bought a couple of plants, and well, that was that.  Still I'm always glad when we attend these things.  Its fun to be out and part of the community.  :)

One of the other classes from the field trip

aerial shots courtesy of the landscape department of the Royal Commission

the girls with a mosaic photo of the King.

a mix of fresh flower and real flowers were used.  

not only were there baby chicks, but also ducks, rabbits, fish, birds, mice and hamsters!  

Our new additions....Rosie and Paddy  :)


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