Livin' with Gma

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I stayed at my grandma's for almost two weeks.  It was rocky at first...girls had trouble settling in (naps/bedtimes)...I was overtired and grumpy myself.  But, with the help and love of family, we got it all squared away.
My grandma (a young 87) is old school and therefore has no computer.  Thank god for my iPad, but the iPad doesn't let me update my blog! So,  I'm now here in Texas using my family's computer!  whoo hoo back to blogging!

Being with my grandmother was a special treat.  The girls got to spend some serious quality time with their great-grandma...something very few children get to do.  She's so easy going and they were able to build forts out of her couch cushions, redecorate her laundry room, and just have good 'ol kid fun.  She got a kick outta watching them spend 45 minutes sweeping her porch.  (the squirrels made a mess!)
I got to cook for her almost every night...so I was in my own little version of heaven.  She complained (in her own way) about ALL the ingredients I would use.  LOL...but, she sure did like the recipes!

We also spent some great quality time with my aunt and uncle and cousins and extended family.  It was so wonderful to spend so much time with family that I'm maybe lucky to see once a year.  The weather was great...lots of rain.  (grandma found it funny I was loving the rain so much...well, I did grow up in Vegas!  hello!)  :)  And I got to travel to THE Ohio State University where my cousin went to school.  That was a great day! 

It was a wonderful trip.  The last night was the hardest.  I'm going to be gone for nearly two years..if not more, and well...she's old.  I can't deny that fact...and in the back of my mind, I knew I may not get to see her again.  I may never get to hang out in her home again...(which my grandfather built and has been her home for 56 years.)  I know it sounds morbid, but it's also true.  We sat on the couch that last night, holding hands and drinking wine.  The next morning was a blur of packing and getting the kids ready.  My uncle came to pick us up and take us to the airport.
Leaving her standing in her driveway had to be one of hardest moments...it was just gut wrenching watching her cry.  I didn't want her to be so very sad.  Having a house full for two weeks and then going back to being all alone...well, I don't even want to imagine.  I'm going to miss being with her...and I'm so thankful that she took us into her home.  She's an incredible woman and I love her so much.      


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