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Let the games begin!  The movers are here as we speak, my house is total chaos.  My dear friend came this morning and whisked away my girls...they were headed to the zoo and then over to her house for the afternoon.  God bless her.  
I spent the first hour with one of the guys carefully weighing each box that is getting shipped to Saudi.  (remember, we only get 400lbs!)  Once that was done, I'm just kind of walking around clueless.  I parked myself at my desk to start filling out the daunting (and aggravating) inventory list.
And so, my part of the adventure finally begins.  We'll stay tonight with some friends...then head to Vegas in the morning.  (after a short stop at the beach...of course)  Thursday I have to get to Carmax and sell the Caddy.  Then Friday, me and the girls take off to Ohio!  
I'm so looking forward to doing NOTHING this coming weekend.  

I don't think they have enough pods...seriously.  :/


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