Sandstorm in Riyadh

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There are many times I feel like Saudi reminds me a lot of Vegas...in regards to the weather that is.  ;)  Two days ago we had some wicked winds.  (Vegas is known for its strong winds as well)  The difference between here and Vegas is that there is A LOT more sand here.  (and unfortunately it gets much hotter...sigh)  
Our home is situated where the wind whips through pretty good, but there isn't as much sand about.  Don't get me wrong, we have a nice coating of sand over everything in our yard and a couple of windows flew open wide enough to deposit sand all over the girl's bathroom.  Our friends have homes in areas that are a bit less developed and therefore more sand tends to fly around.  (lets just say hanging your clothes out to dry here can be a bit risky!)  
I knew the sandstorms here were pretty bad that day, but it was nothing compared to what Riyadh saw.
Check out the photos below...I don't know who took the pix.  They were emailed to my hubby at work.  As much as I love taking photos, I sure wouldn't have wanted to be front and center for this!
(boy am I thankful we're not living in the capital city!)



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