Moving to Saudi Tip: Home Decor

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So I've recently been in touch with some people who will soon be moving my way.  I think one of the most important things I could say to bring are family photos.  For me here in Yanbu, it's hard to find places to print up photos.  Even harder to find frames.  Yes, there is Ikea in Jeddah, but it's 4 hours away!! 
I came up with a great way to make sure we were always surrounded by family.  I didn't want the girls to forget anyone.  I made 24 of these 12x12 scrap pages and then used that special velcro tape to stick them to the walls.  See, almost all the walls here are solid concrete. Good luck getting a nail in.  I also shipped over some canvas prints I had done and my hubby's parents sent this huge map.  We also used those wall appliques to decorate the girls room as well as their wooden name letters.  I brought some of my old teaching posters too.  Alphabets, maps, calendars...to put in the play room.     
So, just my little tip for keeping family close to your hearts and your eyes.  :)
...by the way, the scrap pages are great ideas for anyone, not just us here in Saudi.  ;)



Good luck on your move to Saudi! I myself am moving to hyde park apartments chicago. I could use some tips to home decor.


Good luck on your move! I love Chicago!


I can't wait to see pictures of your new home. It is indeed difficult to leave behind your old house. That's exactly what I felt when we moved out of our orlando apartments. But you know what, consider it as a new adventure.

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