Saudi Life: Guest Post #1 "Things I have learned in Saudi"

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So, before I start posting about my trip to Budapest, I wanted to get this new addition to my blog started.  
This blog has really helped people who are moving to Saudi and particularly Yanbu.  But, I realized that all the information is coming just from me.  From my perspective.  I've decided to start adding Guest Posts.  I've asked fellow expats to send me stories about living here.  Good or bad.  We aren't going to sugarcoat anything.  We want those people with enough guts to even consider moving here to truly know what is in store.  I find that it will help those families, men, women, etc. to be able to transition better.  
Therefore, I'm happy to post my first Guest Post.  This is a friend of mine who lives in one of the compounds.  She's got some great info on here and I thank her for taking the time to write this up!  

  "I've been meaning to do this for awhile now.  Staci inspired me to write about some of my experiences here (good & bad).  So here's my list.

1.  Have a LOT of patience. Things do happen here, but at a much slower pace than expected.
2.  Everything is imported except for oil, sand and camels.
3.  Diving & snorkeling in the Red Sea is THE best kept secret  – there are world class
reefs here.
4.  Boredom is taken to a whole new level, you have to find ways to occupy your time or you will go crazy.
5.  Translation of the word “inshallah” – means it is Allah’s will.  What it really means to an expat – not likely to happen!
6.  Driving rules of the road are merely suggestive.
7.  Shopping is it’s own adventure.  You are always searching for a particular item, but 
instead find some familiar treasures and stock up, as you don’t know when you will ever see those items again (think Costco syndrome).
8.  Picture the most ugliest tackiest clothes you can imagine. They are here in Saudi.
9.  Accept the fact that there is no pork or alcohol here.
10.  Stupidity is universal.
11.  Most conversations between expats will involve them talking about their next trip out 
of kingdom.
12.  Blond people stand out in a crowd.
13.  I have eaten so much chicken here I am ready to start clucking & sprouting feathers 
(refer to #9).
14.  The sunsets & sunrises here have the most beautiful colors.
15.  Fish watching should be a sport (see #4).
16.  The most important items you own here are your passport and your laptop.
17.  It is a very bad day when your Internet and air conditioning both quit working.
18.  There is nothing like fresh pita bread & hummus.
19.  Few expats know only one language (sadly I am that 1%).
20. Doritos in Saudi taste like……..Doritos.
21. Your schedule revolves around when the next prayer time is, or you will be locked out 
of whatever store or restaurant you are at.
22.  Thursday & Friday are considered the weekends here. That means Saturday is the new Monday and Friday is the new Sunday.
23.  Everyone owns at least one carpet. 
24.  The locals start wearing winter hats & mitts in October….I’m still wearing my shorts 
in January (Hey, I’m from Canada – don’t judge me).
25.  You know how many time zones there are between here and your family back home.
26.  Saudis are nocturnal ‘cause it’s usually too hot in the daytime.  That’s why they sleep 
in the afternoon and are up most of the night. 
27.  Jewelry, shoes & abayas can be tried on easily in stores. Other clothing items? Not so much.
28.  Ramadan. Enough said.
29.  Everyone here understands Facebook, YouTube, Amazon & Apple.
30.  It is a unique adventure that is hard to explain unless you live here.

Feel free to comment or ask questions, we'll be happy to respond back to you! 


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