And...he's gone.

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Last night we packed up Matt and headed to LA.  We had decided to stay the night in a hotel near the airport so we could spend more time together.
We had a wonderful dinner at Pancho's Mexican restaurant and afterwards we let the girls run around Manhattan Beach (the sun had set and it was dark outside and they had a blast).
Back at the hotel, Matt and I shared some wine and the girls watched a movie.  We let them stay up WAY past their bedtime, (and even though I knew I would pay for it today) I didn't care.

At 5am, Matt got up and got ready to go to the airport.  Even though we both said there was no reason for tears, they came anyway.  I've rarely seen my husband cry in all the years we've been together, but when he had to say goodbye to his baby girls, well, let's just say that's true fatherly love for you.  We tried to get them to wake up enough to hug and kiss him, but, the poor things were just...out.  He hugged and kissed them anyway, hugged and kissed me, and then dragged his bags out the hotel room door.

I sat and cried for awhile and then crawled back into bed in hopes of getting some sleep....not much came.  I just don't know how military families do this...my heart just broke watching how much it was killing Matt to leave us.  They are all much stronger than I ever could be.
Now we are back at home and I'm looking around feeling mega overwhelmed all over again.  So much to do in the next few weeks.  Thank God my mother is coming out next week to help me get things sorted for shipment and storage.  I know we have some fun months ahead (I'll be taking the girls to Ohio and Texas over the next two months), but it just won't be the same without Matt.

Looking forward to his call when he gets to our new home in Yanbu.  For now, I'm just going to try and keep the tears at bay and focus on the many tasks at hand.  (okay, maybe I'll let a few more tears fall, but then it'll be back to business.)  Sigh.


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