The Goodbye's Begin....

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We're at T-minus 4 days and counting until my husband takes flight to Saudi.  His "go-ahead" packet arrived today...got his passport back with the visa attached inside, his flight info and his final contract.  Pretty exciting stuff...
But, here's where my reality comes to play...over the last few weeks, I have watched as my family members have said goodbye to my husband.  Wishing him well, pats on the back, promises of visits in Europe...and, oh, yeah, the tears.  Not from Matt...and not many from my family, no, those tears belonged mostly to me.  I mean, he's really leaving!  I won't see my husband for a minimum of two months.  (skype doesn't count, of course, I'm beyond thankful we have that technology now!!)  We've never been apart for that long...ever.  Yes, I know we made this choice, and yes, I'm happy with it.  But damnit, I'm still not happy about Matt heading out before me.  

This weekend we're enjoying the company of Matt's brother and his family.  So happy Matt is able to say goodbye to them in person too (since they live in Texas).  After Sunday, I'll just have three precious days before he flies off on his magic carpet.  

So, lets focus on some positives about Matt getting there before me.  He can give me a rundown of our home and help me figure out the must haves I need to pack for the move.  I asked him to scope out the grocery store and see if I need to bring any of my fave spices with me.  He'll have the computer, TV, and phones all ready to go, plus he gets the honor of putting together the girls' new bunk beds!  :)  Okay, so, there ya go, we've got some positives to focus on.  

Sigh, just tell my heart that.  :/



Skype makes it better, I promise! I was away from Mark the month before Sarah was born and for 7 weeks after she was born...we did not have Skype..then they kept lying to me about her visa being ready (not in Saudi!) Oh, have him get an enrollment pack for S to start school shortly after you get here (he can have everything filled out- and an appointment with Mark so she will not have to be out too long!)


I hope so! So thankful for skype! :) I'll get a hold of Mark. I know we're planning a pretty big trip sometime next spring..she'll miss a bit of school..but hey, can't beat actual life experiences! :)

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