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Hello. My name is Staci. I am a Pack Rat.

Good god, I don't know how I manage to accumulate as much stuff as I do. This is just nuts. I mean, I'm no hoarder...not by a long shot, but still. I think this move was written in the cards. They say.."Staci, CLEAN OUT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!"

When we moved from Vegas to Cali...it was quick. I'm talkin' a turn around of about 2 weeks, from when Matt left to when the movers came to pack up. So, I didn't do much in the way of actually getting rid of anything...it was more..just stuff it in something and get it ready to go. See, I had to pack everything myself then. And let me tell you, by the end, I was just dumping stuff in boxes.

So, this time, it's different.
One: They are packing me. So thankful for that.
Two: I can only ship 400lbs. That really makes you rethink what's important. (I do get to stuff my luggage full to take on the plane with me, but still...that's not much either)
Three: They will pay for storage. But, you can't store certain items for 2 years. You end up with nasty stuff.

All that said, I'm definitely taking more time to make sure I'm left with as little as possible and only what's important. The girls have watched toy after toy be sold in garage sales. It's just got. to. go.

I'm miserable right now, I'm sick of my house, sick of my stuff, and sick of trying to figure out what to bring. I want to fast forward to September 7th when I'll be coasting along the freeway to Vegas. But, then again, I don't want to wish away my last days in Cali either. Course, I'd rather be OUT enjoying Cali then in this house. But, thank the lord for my mother and all her help. I think I would have had a nervous breakdown if she wasn't here right now.

Okay, enough computer time. Back to work. YUCK.


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