Cleared for Visa!!!

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Well, to say the least....this process will be nothing if not unforgettable.  I cannot believe the work involved in getting a visa to go to another country to live.  Perhaps Saudi is stricter than most...not sure.  Let me give you a little run down of what it all took:

 1. August 16th, Matt goes to Saudi.  Has to wait weeks to get an igama (which is the residency permit).  Once he obtained that, the company had to give the go ahead to START processing our family visa. 
2. Sept. 22nd...I was sent a nice long list of things that HAD to be done in order to apply for the visa.  Documents to sign, medical work ups, a police clearance letter, copies of marriage and birth certificates.  (notice the date??  over a month since Matt has been gone) 
3.  So, I got right to work (this was on Sept. 23rd).  Overnighted the request for police clearance letter with a return 3 day FedEx envelope (the letter HAD to come from our point of origin, which was Cali).  Started searching for somewhere to get the medical done. (I'm in Texas mind you.)  Started searching for a pediatrician to do a well baby check of the girls.  And printed out and signed all the documents.
4. Got my medical workup done on the 27th.  Spent the whole morning there.  Needles, x-rays...loads of fun.  not.  
5. Finally find someone to see the girls on the 28th.  Got there paperwork done.  Check.
6.  Waiting anxiously for medical results (hoping everything is okay with me!) Still nothing from the sheriff's dept.
7. Oct. 3rd I call the sheriff's dept (it's been over a week, and I'm worried) She says "oh, yes, here it is, I'll send it out today, you'll have it by Friday."  Okkkaayy....
8. Oct. 4, I get my medical back.  All is good!  I now have everything I need...EXCEPT that damn police letter.
9. Oct. 6, I call the sheriff's dept..."Oh, yes, I just sent it out today."  WHAT???  Now I won't get it until the 11th (holiday on the 10th) UGH.
10.  Letter arrives and I overnight everything to Parson's in Cali.  
11. The 12th...Parson's rep emails me...I didn't sign the girls' passports (didn't know I was supposed to!!!!) She overnights them to me...then I overnight them back.
12. It's the 13th...Parson's rep emails me...everything with my medical is fine...BUT there is no chest x-ray report!!!  (it was never stated that we needed an actual report!!!!)  I frantically call Tex Med Clinic and beg for a rush...guy says he'll send out the request that night.
13.  I follow up the next morning...lady says "well, it just got sent out last night..not sure when the doc will read it and when you'll get it...can't rush them"  ARRGGGHHHH!!!!  I'm totally panicked now...we are trying to leave for Saudi around the 2nd of Nov.  
14.  Later that same day...the clinic calls...report in and faxed to Parsons!!!  (angles singing)
15.  Parsons rep calls...medical is signed off!  all ready to go!  She will send out for the visa on Monday!!!!  

And....now...it's time for a drink!  LOL  It took an agonizing 58 days to get this all done!!! (from the day he left till now)  The next step is figuring out when our flight will be.  Hoping to have news about that on Monday as well.  At least I can enjoy my weekend!  :)  A great load has been lifted.  Hoping to see my dear hubby in just under 3 short weeks!
And to all my fellow expat wives...those of you going through the same thing...I just know we'll be sitting around (in our abaya's) and laughing about all this!  :)  Can't wait to see you all!  


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