Commence Phase Two

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So, here I am.  Back in Vegas.  What a roller coaster couple of months.  Now that the stress of the visa application is behind me I can relax.  Wait, relax?  No, that is definitely not what I am doing.  I think I am more amped up than ever.
I mean, I should be stoked right?  Visa done, plane tickets ready to go.  Well, of course I'm crazy excited to see my husband.  (and to actually have a house and be able to UNPACK my suitcases)  But, I have to admit, I'm as nervous as I am excited.  My mind doesn't have anything else to focus on now except the upcoming move.  And now I'm starting to feel the nerves kicking in.  I try not to think about how much I'm going to miss my family because as soon as I do, the tears begin to well.  I'm trying so hard not to show my anxiousness around the girls.  They have been through so much, but its hard to keep it all pent up.  I've asked family to try and curb their emotions as well...at least until a week from today.  I worry about life in Saudi...scared that I might do something wrong or say something wrong.  The uncertainties make it hard to feel as excited as I know I should be.  But, I just keep telling myself...I have ladies and families waiting for me over there and I won't be alone.  They will help me get a grip on my new life.  (still wish I could drag my mommy with me.)

Okay, enough gloom, I AM totally excited about where I'm heading next week.  The girls and I will be meeting Matt in Frankfurt.  We will get a wonderful 5 day mini vakay.  We rented a nice little apartment about 10 minutes from Heidelberg.  There are castles to see, the Rhine river, and wonderful little villages.  From there, we head back to Saudi.  I can't wait to get my hands on my house and give it a ladies touch!  :)  Matt has been doing an amazing job with our yard...planting grass, flowers, herbs and veggies.  He's even planning to build a chicken coop!  (that should make things interesting!  LOL)  

So, for now, I'm trying to focus on the fun things ahead of us. Focus on the adventure, on the amazing life experience we are giving our girls (as well as ourselves).  Focus on being with my hubby again.  Focus on the girls being with their daddy.  

I'm just not going to focus on one thing....all the family I am leaving behind.  Cause, yeah, that'll just break me.  (crap, what was I supposed to be focusing on???)  Oh yeah....bring on Phase Two...our adventure awaits.   


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