Matt's first trip to Jeddah

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So, Matt had to drive to Jeddah to get some paperwork done to sell our car in the States.  He told me the drive there and back is just awful.  Tons of traffic and not a damn thing to look at.  But, he was impressed with Jeddah.  He wasn't able to get too many shots (you know me, I'll have a thousand in one trip.  LOL) and he said that when he as in the mall (which doesn't open until 4pm on Friday's...that's their holy day) they were all looking at him funny for taking photos of a closed mall.  :)  My girls saw the pix of the kid play place and went nuts...too bad its not somewhere I can take them every day.  Wish Jeddah was closer to us.  :(  But, it'll give us something to look forward to.  So, enjoy the photos!  Many more to come!
(oh...on a side note...I'm just one piece of paper away from getting everything to send for the visa.  I'll have the visa's before we even leave Texas!  so excited!)



there is a kids play area in Yanbu, not as big as those in Jeddah..but HappyLand is always a nice break.

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