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Wow...I think I'm in love.  Don't get me wrong...Italy is still my fave, but man, Germany is stunning!  We are here right in the middle of fall and the trees look amazing.  (and for someone who RARELY gets to see the leaves change, this is a real treat.)
It's not easy getting around here...hard to tell which roads are which...and the fact that I couldn't get my iPad data plan to international doesn't help. (I can only get WiFi in the apartment).  But, it's just added to the adventure.  Below are some photos from our trip...and then, just click Read More to find out about where we traveled.  :)

Day 1:  Went went to the charming town of Dilsberg.  A pretty walled in city with cobble-stoned streets and quaint houses.  The ruins of a castle were fun to explore.  The girls found a pile of leaves and went just bonkers! It was a great day.
Day 2:  We headed into Heidelberg.  Couldn't wait to see the castle.  Sara complained that it wasn't a real castle because we were still outside!  (we missed getting the tour of the inside, but had fun just the same)  Then we walked around the town and just took in all the sites. The girls found more leaves and played in them for a good half hour!!  :) Crossed over the main bridge and then headed back to our apartment.  That night we enjoyed a good ol' fashioned German dinner at the restaurant around the corner.  It was really good!
Day 3:  Today we decided to journey to the medieval town of Rothenberg.  This was my favorite of the whole trip.  The entire city is walled in.  We got to climb the tower for killer views and even walk along the guard wall...I thought that was just the best.  Gorgeous homes, beautiful streets...it was just wonderful.  We even toured an old dungeon!  The girls got a kick out of that!  Not to mention more leaf play!  :)  That night we had a quiet dinner at a local Italian restaurant.  And when I say quiet, I mean...we were the only ones there!  
Day 4: Our last full day.  We headed out to some of the smaller villages around Frankfurt.  First we started in Konigstein.  Another lovely little town.  We wanted to see the castle, but being in November and a weekday, it was closed.  Next we drove to Kronberg.  This too was just a small town with beautiful homes and streets. From there we headed into Frankfurt to have dinner with some friends from the states.  The food and company were both great!  We had a lovely time.  Then it was back to the apartment to pack.
Day 5:  Time to move out...we had to vacate by 10am, but we didn't need to be at the airport until 2:30pm.  We drove up to another small town outside Frankfurt called Bad Homberg.  There was a beautiful church and a fun outdoor market.  We didn't stay long though and headed to the airport from there.  And a good thing too!  We had trouble finding the drop off for the rental car.  But, we got everything done, checked in and that was the end of Germany....for that trip.  :)


Adam Thomas

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