Thanksgiving...Saudi Style

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This was my (I believe) my second time ever not being with my family on Thanksgiving.  (the first was when I was playing volleyball at Iowa State and we couldn't go home because of a tournament that same weekend.)  It certainly wasn't a traditional Thanksgiving for me, but I must admit...it was quite fun.  :)
Matt made his "famous" ;) turkey and the girls helped me make a Waldorf salad and garlic mashed potatoes.  
Our Thanksgiving meal was held at a local nursery (plants not kids).  We ate outdoors.  I thought the weather was perfect...nice cool breeze...others stated it was chilly.  Yeah, not going to go there.  There were probably around 75 people of all different nationalities.  We had a HUGE buffet of food that was provided by the families.  Everyone brought something to share.  We had some traditional American Thanksgiving foods...turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes.  But we also had some world flare: fried rice, pastas, curry, chicken, sauerkraut, a variety of dessert, and much more.  There was so much food!  And it was all really good.
It was a fun night and we got to meet a bunch of new people.  The girls only stopped moving long enough to eat a bit of food and off they went again.  All the kids were over near the grass area...running, playing, chasing.  They had an absolute blast.  :)  
I must admit that I missed my family like crazy, but I am thankful for all that we have in our lives right now.  It may not be what we are used to, but we are very lucky to have all that we do.  Hoping you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your loved ones. :)



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