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Well, here we are.  Today is my last full day on American soil for at least two years.  Laying in bed this morning, I just kept thinking...am I really doing this?  Sure, it's all "sounded" great, but now I'm about to actually put theory into practice.  And, well, I'm scared.  
I think it's mostly because of how unknown Saudi is.  Everyone here (and I was the same way a few months back) has such limited knowledge of Saudi's and their lives.  Not to mention just how DIFFERENT life there is going to be.  I worry that I'm going to say or do something wrong and upset someone, or offend someone with bad Arabic.  I've been reassured by those lovely ladies living there right now, but, still...until I'm there, my stress level is going to stay pretty high.
Right now, I'm taking a quick break from packing.  I'm telling you...I may not want to travel again for months!  I'm so sick of looking at these suitcases and trying to strategically pack every little thing.  Making sure I have plenty to keep the kids busy on the plane, stuff for me, extra clothes, etc etc etc.  I want everything done by tonight though.  Tonight is MY night.  I'm cooking a wonderful dinner for family and I just want to sit back and enjoy their company.  Tomorrow is going to be a rough day...but not going to think about that just yet.
Guess I should quit procrastinating and get back to work...weird to think, the next time I update my blog I'll either be in Germany...or Home.  In Saudi.  whoa.  


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