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My hubby has become slightly obsessed with our yard.  This started when he first got here...a severe lack of things to do (and no wife and kids to bug him) meant he had to find an outlet somewhere.  So, he attacked the yard.  I must admit...he has done a fine job!  Love the yard.
About a month before I was to arrive in Saudi, Matt brought up the idea of building a chicken coop.  I thought, sure, not a bad idea.  I figured we would work on it when I got there.  Um, no.  (did I mention that he had nothing to do??)  Less than a week later, the coop was up.
He did wait till we got here to buy the chickens.  We now own four lovely ladies.  Their names?  Well, when you leave it up to our daughter's, this is what you get:  Ariel, Jasmine, Snow White, and Belle.  Yes, we have princess chickens.  :) 

They are really quiet and not as messy as I thought.  Today was different though.  Around 7am, Snow White started pitching a fit.  I was in bed when I heard all this ruckus and went outside thinking something was trying to get in the coop.  Nope, just big mouth Snow White.  I emailed Matt saying that she was going to seriously piss off the neighbors!  He googled her actions and came up with the answer....she's getting ready to lay an egg!  
I thought, no way.  We figured it would be another month or so.  But, (and I don't say this lightly) I was wrong.  We were at a play date and Matt stopped home to check on things.  And...he found a lovely little white egg!  :)  So excited.  Since he was the creator of all this, he'll get to eat it for breakfast tomorrow.  :D

I'm just happy they actually lay eggs!  LOL  Here are some pix of our ladies and the first egg. 

our first egg.  :)

From the left:  Jasmine (black and brown), Snow White (light read head), 
Belle (darker red head), and Ariel (front)


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