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A few days ago we found the need to head out and explore.  Matt really wanted to see the mountains...so off we went.
I can't get over just how much Saudi reminds me of Vegas...landscape wise of course.  (its not even close in every other aspect!)  Pretty mountains in the background...lots of dirt/sand...palms and bits of greenery here and there.
The drive was nice...stopped to see some camels, watched a guy as he walked alongside his herd of sheep, and just enjoyed being out of the house.
We saw some old ruins and some not so nice housing places.  Then we stumbled on the land that water forgot.  It was so weird...hundreds of dead palms just sticking up out of the ground.  And the big house (which would make a killer location for a scary movie) surrounded by all those dead palms just flat out gave me the creeps.
But, it was really fascinating to see this small town out in the middle of no where (or so it seemed).
There is a photo of dead palm leaves that they use to create fencing...I would hate to be the guy for that job!  Saw an ambulance that I'm not sure I would get in even if my life did depend on it!  Spotted the local fire house and the Mercedes fire trucks..in lime green of course.  A local restaurant with interesting exterior decor.  And it just wouldn't be Saudi if you didn't have massive art sculptures everywhere.  ;)
On the way back we stopped in at a gas station...as Matt went inside I watched as a 10 year old pulled up next to us in a pick up truck.
LOL...this place something else.



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