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Must say something that I've been so busy I forgot about a bunch of pix I took at the beach a couple weeks ago.  It was one of those days where I was ready to get out of the house (and so were the kids)  We grabbed the beach toys and headed off.  

The first place we stopped (where we just drove right up to the waters edge) was nice, but the girls weren't real happy with the lack of sand.  (lots of rocks)  
So back in the car we went, but not before I captured a few shots of some ladies in black on the beach across the water...
As we were driving around looking for a place to park, we cruised past a little enclosed track.  They had four-wheelers tearing around in a loop.  Yeah, I know...big deal.  Well, it was.  
Can't drive a car in Saudi...but you can haul ass on a quad!

oops!  busted!  (she looked right at me!)
Got ourselves situated on the beach.  My first time actually hanging out at the beach in my abaya.  I guess it didn't really bother me all that much since the temperature was nice.  I know I'll be singing a different tune when it's a sweltering 110 (plus humidity).  Daddy and the girls built a sand castle, we hunted for sea shells, and just enjoyed being outside.

Kids were tearing up and down the beach on quads and we even saw some ladies in the water swimming...wearing their abaya's, of course.  
Snuck a shot of some ladies picnicking under some trees...all the men were standing together in another area.
All in all, a very nice way to spend a few hours. 


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