Mall Meals

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I don't think I've spent as much time in a mall in the last two years as I have in the last two months.  But, with very little options, the mall is THE place to be.  :)  
It's a nice little mall with some decent stores.  Nothing fancy like in Jeddah, but it meets our needs here in Yanbu.
A typical mall morning kinda goes like this:
Call for the taxi for pick up at the house.
Arrive at the mall as soon as the stores open (10am)
Shop, browse, chit chat with friends.
At about quarter till 12 we head for the food court.
Now, I've only tried 3 of the food joints here so far and they have all been good.  (well, McDonald's is always good as far as I'm concerned!)  :)  The Taco Hut and Little Caesars were both really good too.
We get our food and then head to the Family Section to eat.  This is a partitioned off section just for women or men with their wives and/or kids.  All other men/boys eat along the outside of the partitions.  By doing this, the Saudi women are able to remove their veils (if they chose) to eat.  Some don't.  And seriously, it's pretty funny watching them lift the veil and take bites of food or sips of drinks.  I wanted to photo the family section, but I didn't want to offend any of the women...if there's a time when no one is there I'll grab a shot.
We sit and eat during the prayer time...and as mentioned before, the whole mall closes.  
After lunch, we phone our taxi's to pick us up and head home.  (the mall won't open again until 5pm)
Doesn't that just sound like THE most fun!?  :D  

Here are a few photos of some of the fast food places...you might recognize a few!  :)  Oh, and check out the Hashi Burger Meal (aka camel burger)  :)

camel anyone??

us ladies eat behind the white "wall"  :)


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