Happy New Year!

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(this is a real pic of a Saudi camel!) 
Well, it's officially the new year.  And I celebrated it in Saudi Arabia.  That's one for the books.  I know that 2012 will hold some amazing things for my family and I'm very excited for the upcoming year!
As I'm sure most of you have...we have a traditional meal that we are supposed to eat on New Year's Day in order to ensure a good new year.  For us, that's pork and sauerkraut.
Unfortunately, that poses a problem here.  For one, um, no pork.  At all.  Two, no kraut.  Nope, none.  Now, if I was planning properly, I should have just made some homemade kraut, but I wasn't thinking and I've run out of time...(but that is on my to do list)
That being said, I have decided to start yet another new family tradition.  For every year we are here in Saudi, we will have Stuffed Cabbage...Arabian Style.  It has cabbage, so technically I'm keeping a bit of my families traditions in tact...kinda.  ;)    
I've made this dish once before and we all really enjoyed it.  Looking forward to having it again tonight and starting a new New Year Day tradition.
What are your families traditions for the New Year?  Any special dishes you make?  I'd love to hear about them!  

Happy New Year once again from my family in Saudi to yours.  Wishing you a fabulous (and prosperous!) 2012!  


Lindsay RC Wilson

We always have Cherries Jubilee on New Year's Eve. Basically, a warm cherry sauce over vanilla ice cream. Can't get the ingredients for that here. Man, I should come up with something new, too.

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