It's a Jungle out there!

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fresh from the garden..

Okay, so maybe not really a jungle, but flashback to early September of 2011.  My dear hubby is all alone in Yanbu, Saudi Arabia.  He's been in our new home all of two weeks.  The home is very nice and there is a big yard...but, oh, it's ALL dirt!  So being the good man he is...he sets out to make sure we have something green and pretty to look at everyday.  (at this point, I was just thinking some nice grass and maybe some flowers...and of course a garden, but I had serious doubts that anything would grow in the Saudi desert!)
Flash-forward...January 2012.  My husband has gone above and beyond.  What you see in the photos below is all the work of his hands.  He picked the trees (including banana, papaya, mango and orange), the flowers, the bushes...(and the chicken coop).  We have zucchini, tomatoes, basil, parsley, okra, carrots, radishes, peppers, and chicory.  (all producing) 
I love looking out my windows every day and coming home from running around and being welcomed by the gorgeous colors of our yard.  
Our own little oasis in the desert... (thanks hubby)

a shot of all our zucchini and tomato plants (banana tree in the corner)  :)

and a view of the front gate (taken from my phone)


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